Saturday, January 28, 2012

What do you do?

What do you do when, in a moment of insanity, you not only bid on, but win a set of 6inch flannel squares with a Christmas theme? And to top it off, you get them sent to Colombia, ending up paying double postage and 26% tax on cost plus shipping. You use them quickly, and what could be quicker than a rag quilt. But don't forget, you then also have to purchase more flannel for a backing and again, pay the outrageous fees to get it here to Colombia. This is the toddler size quilt that I ended up with ...

... but then, when you are done, you find yourself with a little over a yard of the backing left. So again, another small(well not a true baby-size for sure) baby quilt using up some other flannel (this time white) that is sitting on the shelf. And you get real lazy and tie it instead of quilting it, with a small band at the top with hand quilting in it. You get this ...

So now comes the question, what to do with them? One of the employees in the office's wife works with indigenous people in the mountains. Maybe I can give them to her and she can give them to a deserving family? Yes, that would definitely work.

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