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Medallion Quilt
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So very much later: 2014, August 25

Yikes, almost a year has passed since I worked on this one. No wonder I found the storage bag in deep storage in the storage unit. Other things have gotten in the way: ie. 1. we went to Ecuador the 28th of Sept. - No sewing taken with me; 2. We then proceeded on to Spain late Nov. - again no sewing other than hand sewing; 3. A stint back home for awhile; 4. and then we were off to Africa - again no sewing, none, nada; 5. And no sooner had we returned from Africa and we were off to DisneyWorld as a last horraaaaaah with DGS#2. Now we are back but no where near the storage unit to get it out. So it will be even longer I know! Oh well, it waits patiently for my return and when I do, it will be done. 

September 17:

          Step 2: This took some decisions. I knew that I wanted to do some flying geese to emphasis the "fly on home safely" context, but else to go along with it?
So I started with a small side of a somewhat large patriotic print but with a low to mid level of tone. Then I added a top border of piecing in light tone but picking up the red to liven it up ...
Next came the flying geese ... Oops they were 3/4" too short to fit across the top so added a stripe. I guess I really should have made the strip green to represent "home" ... hmmm might have to change that before all is said and done.  Now I wanted a simple perk-me-up border. Somehow I think the yellow is too light, maybe more of a gold tone to pick up the colors in the eagle.  

Oh yes, and I need to measure it ... will do that when I get back to the RV. Before I start on the next round, I need to perhaps do some adjustments ... what do you think? Email me with suggestions, I really like getting input into what I am doing. Some would say that I don't have the confidence of my own design and decisions but then again, this type of thing is all new to me.

September 7:
The second round of the medallion quilt is upon us, and in fact, probably almost over, and I continue to look for inspiration. I think I found it on a wall in the downtown area of Silver City. 

It's not the photo or even what makes the strips but rather the fact that it is off center with the focal point on one side. You have to turn the photo sideways to get the real impact however as the quilt will be a twin bed size when finished. 
 ahhh, that's more like it.
Now on to the second round and off to the design board, the top of the bed:
~ something a little simple as the center is quite busy... hmmmm flying geese "coming home" with an airstream on both sides to suggest movement? Someone mentioned a little red in this round but all I have are bright reds so will have to tone them down a bit. Let's take a look ...
step 1: 
 now h18 1/4 x w17

step 2: here I will use the flying geese on the top of the red and white:

August 26:

This weekend I participated in the Stashbusters' monthly virtual weekend retreat, the first that I have done. One of my goals was to get my middle 15 1/2" square done. When doing these types of things, life always seems to get in the way so I made a commitment to sew - housework - sew - write paper for school - sew - sew and start all over again, throughout the day. My DH has conveniently gone out on day hikes, not expecting to get back until each evening sometime.

Starting with the cross-stitch block

and a pre-planned, pre-drawn paper pieced star outline,
I trimmed the center to 5 ½ x 5 ½”.
 From here I then outlined the block section by section until it was > 15 ½ x 15 1/2”. 

August 26:
 the finished block before trimming. I won’t trim it down until I know what the next round is.

Question: If this block is square, will the finished block be square? Can we adjust for rectangular? Replies, should you be so inclined are welcome either through the Medallion Sew-Along site or my addie -

August 19:
Along came a spider that lay down beside me whispering in my ear that I should sew-along with the group as it would be great way to do a military “Thank You” quilt that I have been wanting to do. So after pondering the situation, a finishing u a UFO, I thought, Why not?
Dug out the bag of fabrics that I have accumulated for this and found the insert for the middle panel: The cross-stitched Eagle against the flag. 
I think that I will put the x-st piece in the middle of a star. As I have to make the panel 15x15", I will perhaps do a star within a star. Will decided as I go along. 
Off to start ....  


  1. Wonderful job! I like it so far. I would add a bit of red in the next round someway.

  2. Pretty cool! Great way to use the cross stitch piece. Can't wait to see how this develops.