Thursday, October 31, 2013

Learning to appliqué

It came to me as I was sewing while screwing up my mouth, little pieces of fabric onto larger pieces of fabric, that I should have taken some photos as I progressed. Well, I didn't until this one
and as you can see I had already sewn about half of the pieces on. The white one above the others is waiting to be sewn.
Take tiny stitches I kept telling myself and don't pull your thread so tight that it puckers the fabric. So much to keep in mind, so much too learn ... Still it is oddly relaxing to sit and sew these pieces. Wonder how I will feel after all 9 blocks are completed?
As I neared the completion of the first block I frantically looked for my packet of embellishments. I can only surmise that I left it in the US. So, for now, I am finished with Block #1 and my first attempt at hand appliqué. The snowman is a little wonky but hey, it adds character.

The study in fibers have been completed for segment 1. Of course I can't do anything with them until I get back to the US, but the stitching is done.

Four little ...
The Bamboo Stitch takes a lot of work to get it situated correctly and even then it sometimes look a little "liberated", something that is probably not what is hoped for in the overall design.

Five little ...
The Diagonal Cashmere is a very useful stitch, one that I have used many times in various projects.

Six little swatches.
Triple Rice is what this is called...hmmmm what would I use it for? Suggested uses include paths, window panes and other architectural designs.

And therein lies the first segment of this project. Of course, I only brought the first segment so now it becomes a UFO.

As I had another stitch by Carol and Michael, taken from Needlepoint Now, I decided to add it to this segment ... the multipurposed "X" stitch and it's many forms. I started with a contracting color to show how it can be used as an "outliner", a compact heavier stitch.

I have used the Smyrna Cross many times for this very use, but never the simple "X" interesting concept.

I can't wait to get home in order to start on the second segment. But then I also want to complete the work on Cleopatra's Miss Chrissy and get her off to the finishers. And then there is the beard left to do on Father Frost and then get him off to the finishers. Oh my ......

While in an archeological museum in Cuenca I saw a photo of an indigenous King wearing a fabulous coat. Couldn't NOT take a photo. The quilting opportunities swam frantically around my head as I looked at it even though intellectually I knew that it was all painted onto the cloth.

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