Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May and still on the road ...

With thoughts of being back in our home, we discovered that the needed repairs still were not finished and we had a meeting in NE to go to with friends on the weekend. Our only alternative, as there were no hotel rooms to be had, was to take our tent and utilize our already paid for RV site. We were the only tent in the RV park but we did have 50Amp electrical service to our tent. And ....

NO sewing machine, no sewing; the withdrawal is awful. So awful in fact, that I went out and did something that I had never thought I would do - bought the makings to do hexagon. Why???? I absolutely do not like the traditional hexagon quilts, especially Grandmother's Flower Garden. But they are so easy to carry in the car and feel like I am accomplishing something. Then I found a book that cemented my already budding idea of a modern hex wall hanger. [photo of book]. I bought some FQs to work with, hex cardboard templates (I will make my own from now on with index cards), glue stick, sewing needles, thread and even proper scissors. As my idea for this wall hanger has evolved, I realize that the colorway that I bought in the FQs do not really work for what I have in mind. So back to the drawing board, or getting new FQs - LOL.

I did take a trip to a couple of LQSs where I purchased the FQs and supplies as well as a couple of books and a piece of coloring fabric for a little boy snuggle quilt. 1-1/2 yes will make 4 quilts per the owner of the one shop so now I have to buy some space fabrics to go along with it. This quilt shop was found in Lamar, MO under a sign that said "Scream 'til your husband stops" which could be great identifier in their online presence. Unfortunately it isn't and the shop was hard to find. In fact, we drove right by it and had to turn around, and in torrential rain too.[photos]

 I continue to work on the Christmas Crackers, minus the beads. The beads will be done once back in the RV. Almost finished #5 now. Half done!!!!! Well, maybe not as I also have to make the cracker once I am finished with the needlework. [photos]

Oh oh, got a call from the longarmer - Blake's quilt will be finished the end of the week so will be able to pick it up on Monday. Am real excited about that. As I have found myself in the mid top 20 in the Stashbuster's UFO Challenge, I badly need a finish. Now I will have one. Just the binding to do once I get it back and I have it all cut out ready to go!

We are hoping to be back in the RV by the end of next week. We shall see ... wish us luck ...

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