Thursday, February 24, 2011

The first of many UFO's ...

Last night I finished the first of many UFO's that I have in my "sewing cupboard". This tablecloth was started as I needed something to brighten the kitchen. Had plans for more accessories but alas, not to be. At least I finished the tablecloth. This was cut and sewn from a picture - no pattern - with lots of "rip it, rip it, rip it!" But as I kept the final sewn measurements, even though there are some still in need of adjustment, I think that I can recreate it at will.

It looks great in the kitchen and I love the yellow and the blue together. Here in Panama, however, I couldn't find good coordinating fabrics. So my quilting friends came to the rescue and raided their stashes for me. Next time, I will buy all the fabrics together rather than just the focal one with hopes of matching it.

In my new kitchen when we move back to the US and buy a house, I hope to have a Dutch colored kitchen with Dutch Delft accessories and tiles in the backsplash. To this effort, I have been collecting Dutch Delft patterns - any out there that their owners would like to share? I also have another UFO in needlework of an old Dutch masters painting that I discovered tucked away in a shop here in the Highlands. It is dull and dreary but I think would off-set the brightness of white and blue with a bit of yellow thrown in. Plans yes, but reality, we shall see ... a long ways off yet as we live in a motorhome when in the US and I can tell you, my kitchen is not blue and white with yellow accents! hmmmm could that be another project?

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