Sunday, February 27, 2011

Needlework on the go ...

One of the main things that I am doing while here in Panama, is learning more about needlework and the many wonderful fibers and stitches. I have joined the ANG (American Needlework Guild) as well as a couple of stitching Yahoo groups.

One of the UFO's that I currently have almost completed is a series of Halloween letters that make up into blocks of varying sizes spelling "Happy Halloween". These blocks are currently at the finisher who is making them in to the blocks with an attaching hook at varying places so that I can make a mobile out of them. I have to dig through my various photos to find photos of the canvases. These were small enough that I could carry them on the long bus rides that occur as a PC volunteer - we can't drive. It makes for fast work and good conversation with others who are riding. Many of the women are very interested and want to know where I bought the threads. They absolutely love them and often, have never been exposed to the different ones that we have access to.

Once I finished the stitching of these blocks I joined another group that gave me the same size blocks, but this time spelling Christmas. They, for some reason, are going slower. I am only onto the "I" in Christmas and just received the last "S" kit. So I had better get to work. You know how some things just don't tickle your fancy? Well, this is one project that I just can't peak my interest. But it will get done!

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