Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lonely and forelorn

Today we are off to see the world with only a couple of hand projects. The sewing machine, my fabulous, underused, new Janome 6600P, sits on it's table, lonely and forlorn while the projects (or UFOs) sit wilting in their ramshackle place. All are waiting my return and hopefully my renewed errors for completion. I read the entries of all the wonderful projects on the Yahoo groups that I have joined and realize that they must have an awful lot of time on their hands or else they are definitely better time managers than me.

My needlework project, Walk on the Wild Side, waits patiently on the newly purchased frame, with a little stitching already started. I am so woefully behind already, what can another 3 weeks do to it?????? I have started to receive the wonderful Hallowe'en Village - unfortunately they too I'll have to wait. The quilting UFOs are definitely not something that can be taken on travels when traveling in one carry-on suitcase. But wait, what about the jewelry that I wanted to get done? nope, that too will have to wait now.

All is not lost, although it might seem like it. We are coming to the end of our Peace Corps service and have some major decisions to make. As the discussions go on I realize that the future might still not afford me a lot of time for my projects. Maybe one of the projects that I do is to make a carry-all for my projects to go with me? Any how, we are now trying to discover where and what comes post PC. For the moment that means our exploratory trip to Spain.

Monday finds us entering our COS or End of Service conference. That in it's self will be time consuming. Then next Thursday we are winging off to Spain. To follow our adventures, visit me at

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