Friday, April 15, 2011

So, ok, I am a slacker ...

... and I haven't even attempted to update this. But hey, I did go on vacation to Spain where Danny and I took a whirlwind tour of Valencia, Barcelona, Figueres, Granada, Cordoba, and Madrid - all in 13 days mind you.

And now for matters at hand: The demonstration quilt for our (Volcan Quilters Guild's) upcoming seminar, featuring Priscilla Bianchi, the stupendous Guatemalan quilter. She encorporates the brilliant, interesting Guatemala textiles into beautiful quilts. You can visit here on her website, to get an overview of her work. She has graciously agreed to be the guest speaker and presenter. Our seminar is a continuation of our guild's community project and is part of the advancing curriculum for our class attendees.

ok, so I got a little off track - the demonstration quilt. We choose a quilt for the seminar that shows how to make different blocks and yet is easy enough to finish in a weekend. And importantly, is written in Spanish. "Empecemos el Alcolchado" by Alex Anderson. The group had bought fabrics for the class so I choose the some of the matching reds, whites and blacks. How disappointed I am to get the blocks together and find that there is no pizzazz to the colors. What a disappointment. But it will be a good way to show how the colors when seen by themselves, can look good but when put together, are BLAH. I tend to put something down that I am not happy with and never return to it but with this quilt I persevered and got it pieced. Still the borders to go, first white and then the best red that we have with a white, small pattern for the binding.

Having bought all the fabric and started to cut the pieces out, our plans have changed. Danny and I have decided to not extend our service and we will be flying out of Panama on the very day that the seminar begins, June 17. So now I have a quilt that I won't be teaching from. hmmmmm...donation quilt? But wait, don't I have another "donation" quilt in the wings?

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