Monday, May 30, 2011

8 or 17, days that is ...

So now we are down to the nitty-gritty: 8 days left in Volcán and 17 days left in Panama. The material things (cosas materiales) are flying out the door. The "to take" piles are increasing, and the gut is saying, "Whoa, wait a minute - it is too soon!" But reality is that we are leaving, and not many days left. So many things that we want to do, so little time in which to do them.

I continue to attend the sewing/quilting class, in a "moral support" catagory. The time spent in the back while the others teach has allowed me to work on another donation quilt. This is one where satin stitch zigzagging was taught. The group has acquired a Baby Accucutter and the women went bonkers using it. This is the result - 16" squares, all put together to form a cute kiddie donation quilt.

And then there are the very Panamanian molas ... Last weekend while in Panama City I went shopping. I was looking for some "learner" molas to put in the 4 corners of a t-shirt quilt of our Peace Corps experience in Panama. Alas, only found those that were regular appliqué while I wanted the reverse appliqué ones from Kuna Yali or San Blas. I did however, find a lady who is going to take a picture of a t-shirt design and make it into a mola for me, using the fabric that I bought for her from our limited choices here. If it works, I will have another made with fabric that I buy in the US. Also I want to learn how to make them myself. They are an interesting form of art - some whimsical,
Can you see what these are?

but more often, traditional.
and all have some sort of story to them.
Unless being made for tourism, molas are always made in pairs: One for the back of the blouse and one for the front. There are always slight differences but the patterns are the same. Can you actually see the differences in the ones above? Often when, as tourists, you see one that you like, you only buy the one, and that one is usually the colours that catch your eye. Also, many times the ones that are only one, have been made specifically for tourism and as such may not be as well made. The ones that I have managed to find all have 5 fabrics within the layered structure. Lots of work for when I get home - pillows. wall hangings, possible quilt.

Currently I have a special mola commisioned for me. We shall see what it looks like when we get back to the city. It is being made from a t-shirt design and if it turns out well, I am sure that she will get more orders, as it is a Peace Corps t-shirt.

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