Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gluttony to it's best ...

Well, I am a glutton for punishment. Here I am, packing up all my projects for moving back to the US and I get emails: the Block of the Month (BOM) that you are interested in is re-opening; the santa kits that you wanted notification of, are in. So, of course I had to do it.

The BOM is a Rainbow Dear Jane.
Now this isn't your usual 12 month BOM: Nooooo, it will actually run for 23 months. You get 10 blocks and fabric every month. The originators of this, The Twiddletails Store, assure me the most vivid, brilliant colours that they can find will arrive. Just what I wanted to do. Of course, there are ways to even add more in if you want. I can't even begin to imagine the work that this is going to entail. Luckily for me, the blocks don't start to arrive until August, hopefully however, before we leave the country again. I plan on doing these all by hand as I want to carry the blocks with me as I travel. Should be good conversation starts, at any rate.

I can't wait to see the first set of fabrics.There are 225 different blocks, 225 different fabrics, and reportedly, well over 5000 pieces in this quilt. It may be a 23 month BOM club, but it will definitely be a bit longer than that for me in the making. Who knows just how long! I will however, keep a running commentary once I get started. Anyone else out there doing one?

And now for the next bit of gluttony - Santas From Around the World.
They come from What's the Point needlework shop. Even though it is a "by the month" club again, I am only interested in the US and the Canada Santas. Great Christmas presents for the family. Aren't they cute?

It is back to sorting, sorting, discarding, and packing .....

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