Saturday, June 18, 2011

christmas blocks ... what else?

Due to medical issues of both of us, found in our terminal medical exam, our COS date has been extended to June 23. Oh, woe is me! But with the cost of medical these days I am glad to get things under suspicion, looked into on the PC dime. Thankfully, so far, all but a couple of things have returned normal. Two are still pending. So, here we sit, in a hotel that has awesome, chest cold-producing, air conditioning, with one of us not feeling up to speed. Therefore, no touristing and not wandering far from the hotel for meals. This evening - Casco Viajo for dinner with a very good friend, Christine.

For now I am able to sit here in the hotel and work on my readily available needlework projects. This means the Christmas blocks. Almost finished the sleigh (missing one thread for the toy bag) and started the T, which is now more than half finished.

As per my personality, I am now getting a little tired of this particular group of squares and will have to go to something else. So, what do I have available? I never expected to be sitting in a hotel for 2 weeks, and didn't plan accordingly. I guess it will have to be a cross-stitch project that I started during my last visit to my parents. Another UFO in the making - a pillow for the "carrocasa", our home on wheels, with colours that were chosen with the interior motorhome colours in mind.
And so it goes ...

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