Thursday, May 3, 2012

Have I been busy? Am I busy?

Since our return to the good ol’ US of A, my handwork has been limited to needlework,  Oh I have a stash of UFO’s that would be a mile long if laid out end to end, to choose from. I have limited myself to finishing the most recently started ones and one that has been on the go since I married in 2001.

Does the actual finishing of an UFO mean that you finish the actual stitching, or the whole in its entirety? If it is the latter, then I have finished nada but I sure have enjoyed the stitching that I have done while traveling.

As I traveled home from Colombia, I finished up the “S” of the Christmas blocks. Now all I have left is the MERRY. This is a much bigger canvas and as such, needs to go onto stretcher bars. Back to the drawing board as I need to get sizes and “do I or don’t I” have any. Then I attacked the Enchanted Sleigh, and finished it! Now to make it into a Christmas pillow. So again, I ask, does this constitute a finish of an UFO or not? The making of the pillow awaits the finding of the right fabrics.

Once back in the RV, for however short it was, I discovered some UFOs that I had left behind. One of them a giant Christmas Stocking for a door hanging. Pulling it out, I find that it is all but finished, so now I need to find some fabric for backing and flannel for lining. One more for the completing pile before anything new is started.

Our first outing in the RV was to Rayne, LA where we attended a RV rally with our friends.
What a wonderful time we had there and during the off time I was able to work on the online group stitch-along project, Hallowe’en Treat. I got it to the point where I now need to find the buttons for it. I know what I want, I know how I want to do it, but I can’t find the buttons.

Traveling across the lower SW tier from Louisiana to Arizona, and visiting in Arizona, I completed the 4 small motifs for Christmas cards that were started and used in Colombia as teaching aids. I plan on putting them into a form that can be framed by the recipient if so desired. 

Traveling to Canada and visiting my parents, I almost finished my Santa ornaments. Unfortunately I discovered that the fibers in hand for the Mounties’ pants was black where it should be a very dark navy blue. Unable to find what I needed in Edmonton, I then put it aside until I could order the correct color. If one is going to make a statement, it should be correct! Of course I could have continue with those cursed French knots in the moustache but procrastinate there I will.

Whoopie, in Edmonton I found the buttons that I wanted for Hallowe’en Treat! When I get back home …..

...back home  (to the RV) and they have been put on

I have a table cloth that I started in Panama and will have to find it so that I can get it finished. It was originally for the round table in the RV and here I am, back in the RV and the table cloth is NOT finished yet.
  Talk about not finished: this is it! And it is a total of 36inches in diameter, not all covered but with the various motifs going around the outside border. It is a whimsical Santa on white opalescent even weave, and I want to make a a whimsical flying Santa on a stand for table-topper.

As you can see, we have done an awful lot of traveling since our return. Stitching is always taken along to wile away the hours. But I am anxious to get back to sewing. After all, I now have a new Miss Betsy – Janome 6600P to replace the one that I had in Panama. It will be thrilling to get it out of the box and start stitching.

But in the meantime, one of the many chores that I promised myself is to organize all my thread/fibre/UFO stashes so that I no longer buy extra simply because “I don’t know if I have it!” So out comes the excel spreadsheet program and I start. This of course, leads to other chores, like winding all the embroidery threads onto those small cardboard bobbins so that they can go into the box in an organized fashion. Then what to do with the specialty fibres? They need a box as well. So one good deed leads to another, which leads to another, and so on ….. In order to organize my quilting in the RV I also need to devise a boxed method of doing this. I want all the project supplies for each project together – I guess the organization will be the listing of the projects and then going through and completing them. This remains to be seen.

So as one can see, I have lots of plans, and I have actually accomplished quite a bit amidst all of our escapades. For now, “go forward, Shirley, go forward…”

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