Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Projects ...

With all the talk about not starting a new project, does one really need an excuse to not or to start a new project? My answer … NO! After all I have finished up a couple as far as I can go without finding the correct accruements.

So with that said, I have started the ANG 2010 mystery project. My girlfriend has her dream Southwest motif home now and I would like something to present her. So am doing this in southwestern colours and will frame and give it to her.

My color way:

I bought this little holder in the hopes to make it easier to stitch with both hands. It has been so hard to stitch, using a laying tool, all the while holding the frame.  It is held between the thighs as you sit which should make it easy to utilize while traveling in the RV.

  It would have to be made for regular sized stretcher bars and here I am using the miniature ones. But ingenuity reigns and spare pennies and dimes act as shims and do it well.

In the meantime, I continue to look for the finishing accruements that I need and as I find them, the UFOs will be finished. My needlework storage corner of the RV is the small space between the laz-i-boy and the wall with everything in bags to keep it clean. I have been using Ziplocs forever but I recently read an article where it was said that one should put things in cloth bags, not plastic. In fact, pillow cases work very well. Also, that when storing supplies in plastic boxes. There should be holes to allow for breathing. Of course that doesn’t fair so well in the light of ants and spiders. Guess some netting could be glued over the holes to prevent their entry. So that will be my next step in the organization of my supplies here in the RV.

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