Sunday, November 25, 2012

On the road some more...

I tried to put Miss Cleo into my "travel bag" made especially for the carrying of projects. She wouldn't fit! So now she sits, lonely and upright, against the back seat of the car as we make our way north towards Canada. She will get worked on a little as we travel but I am afraid that she might be superseded by Patchwork Santa as I would love to finally get him finished. (This while traveling in the car) She will be worked on when we are within the confines of my parents place in Edmonton, Alberta.

As we travel through Missouri and Iowa/Illinois, I will look for a FEDEX office to get the Christmas present work sent to the finishers. Luckily it won't take all that long to finish it. More than enough time before Christmas for that. Once given as a gift, I will post a photo chronology of it.

We had a great time in Mexico and a subsequent Thanksgiving with my DS and DIL in Tulsa, OK. We are headed to Edmonton, AB by way of a direct rout north from Tulsa, into Ontario/Manitoba then taking a left and veering NW to Edmonton. Hopefully we don't hit too much in the way of winter storms but if we do, we are ready.

Happy holidays ...

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