Saturday, January 19, 2013

Miss Cleo, meet Chrissy Cleo

Miss Cleo is getting a backside to her and her name is Chrissy Cleo. miss Cleo is so excited as she will have a playmate. Little does she know that he will spend her days going in circles, chasing her perceived playmate. :)  But for now she is happy to see the work progressing on Chrissy Cleo.

Once again Chrissy Cleo will need some character so her face will get done fairly quickly. The color ways for her will give her a completely different personality that Mis Cleo's. We shall see how they develop.
She is outlined in a dark Christmas green:
The canvas is called "Eggshell" with gold sparkles in it. The color way is based upon Watercolors "Holiday" 
   I decided on red for her face in order to brighten her up and will take out the wine color on her tale and replace it with a red shade. Oh those eyes, they are already boring into me as I stitch. Will have to hurry and finish them.

And on to other things ...

I finished 2 quilting UFO's this week. Oh they didn't take a whole lot of work, just sitting down and doing it. That is the hard thing to do lately. 

Let it Snow ... the fabric is from 2006 so it is about time I finished it up.

Also finished was a pink quilted hobo bag that was started as a demonstration (but ultimately not used) project for Colombia.

That depletes the list of UFOs by 2. Small gain but a gain nonetheless.

On to another UFO and continuing with Miss Cleo and Chrissy Cleo ....

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