Friday, March 1, 2013

A new Adventure ...

A new adventure both in travel and in sewing but not necessarily in needlework. Living in a tent/hostel/hotel - can one adequately lay out and sew? We shall see in the upcoming days and weeks.

After 3 1/2 days on the road, one cracked windshield, and 1384.3 miles, we are at the beginning of this epic journey for Danny. He is starting in a small place called Boiling Springs, PA and we are staying a couple of days in an inn that gives thru-hikers (Danny) a really good deal: a $140 room for $40. They hold mystery weekends here so just might have to attend Saturday night.

After the first surprise, a cracked windshield, another reared it's ugly head. I am so disgusted with myself and angry and hurt and .... I left all the threads for Chrissy Cleo back in the RV. I can't believe that I did that. Here I was so looking forward to sitting and finishing her up quickly. I couldn't think of any solution except mailing her back to the DILs place to hold for our return. When Danny came in from his first day of hiking, he had a solution -  ask the owner of the storage units to go in and retrieve the threads and then mail them to a retrieval point 10 days down the road. hmmmmm not a bad idea at that!

And so we finish our first day of our epic journey down and up the Appalachian Trail ...

"The Sewing Mama" and "Idigo"

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