Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Life is never predictable

We planned on spring weather, instead we got winter snows. With the snow storms we were shut down in Shenandoah Nat'l Park due to snow and cold weather so plans were changed. But as Danny hiked through the snow (until we were shut down) ...
 stitching vista and the snow in Shenandoah National Park before the last snow storm...  The decision was made to go south and start at the southern terminus in Georgia. Now my vistas are finally turning green instead of brown. 

and the flowers are coming out

I got to finish up the stitching on my baseball ornament (now it goes into the tube for storage until we gt back to the RV) With the fiasco of Miss Chrissy's fibers, I then joined another Yahoo group to stitch Father Frost. This is not Father Christmas although some of the group are actually doing him in red. Mine is being done in blue to portray the crispy, cold and sparkle of snow. He is fun to do and now, I am at his beard - oh my, not a favorite part to be for me. 

I started and finished one of nine Christmas Crackers by Melissa Shirley. These are small fun projects that go quickly. 
kit fibers 



The next in the series will be done after I finish Father Frost.

I have finished another quilting UFO, Creepy Crawly Friends.

This allowed me to go back to the end of the list again in the Stashbuster's UFO Challenge. It was also completed during the second quarter so won't have to pay a penalty for this quarter. I have one UFO left in the car ready to complete but will wait until I am closer to the top of the list again before finishing it. That one is a small child's quilt to wrap around a teddy bear.

The stitching and sewing has been very slow; what with traveling so much and driving most of the traveling, I don't get all that much time to indulge. And now, it will even be worse - I am starting online university classes to complete my Masters. This will look real good on my next Peace Corps application, which will be done after the middle of this month.

And so we go forward, the trail continues to be a very good experience, my trip back to Canada was excellent, and now I am settling back into the routine ...

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