Thursday, February 27, 2014

What a surprise.

Yesterday I had gone in to the sewing machine shop to pick up Mr. Brother from servicing. Danny accompanied me and started looking over the various machines and toys and their respective bells and whistles. Of course I took great pains to show him the long arm machine, its setup and how it works with the computer set-up. Living in a RV we simply don't have the room to have such a toy and I told him that it was my "lust machine". The last few days he has been asking me what machine I would love to have if I could have any one that I wanted. Of course, this one comes under that category. While in the shop we overheard the ladies talking about the fact they were getting in their long-awaited order of Brother Scan n Cut, the very one that I wanted for Christmas. They didn't have them in though.

So today, Danny heads out on an errand early this am. Lo and behold when he comes back he brings me a Scan n Cut. Wow, whoopee. I couldn't wait to try it out. I have just the thing too. He tells me that it is a fabulous machine as the lady demonstrated it for him.

This evening I was able to try it out after reading the instruction manual, and the how-to's. I tried to scan and save to a memory stick but it wouldn't work. So I scanned and cut from a resident form. A heart within a heart so that when cut it was an outlined heart. Worked great and cut 2, one right after the other. And of course, me, I didn't get any photos as I did it. Next trial for sure.

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