Thursday, January 14, 2016

First UFO ...

Why does the energy and drive take us to start things and work feverishly to complete already started ones as well as promises to ones self in the new year? That blank page needs to be filled maybe?!!!

I started off with good intentions as we always do. Unfortunately life got in the way: We traveled with our granddaughter to New York City and when you travel, there is no sewing machine to work on. So I took some hand sewing to finish up the first of the UFOs for the year. (3.4 yds busted)
 a table topper for fall.
While sewing it on the plane, I also realized that it would make a good lap quilt if outside - not too heavy, not too light, just right.
This was the only thing that I took with me. A good thing really as we ended up with very little time in the evenings as we filled each day to overflowing, playing tourist and seeing everything that we could to the max.

I also finished up a knitted toque which turned out to be too small for DHs head. Oh well, now I will have to make a set of it and donate it to my mother's senior's initiative. (inner city children that often have no winter coverage)

Now on to making all the lists and excel spreadsheets for the year: UFOs, JOTs, FAB4s, To do's, and NEW projects that I want to do.

And so it goes ......... Happy "busy hands"  

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