Thursday, January 14, 2016

Socks? Socks?

Well, as the DGD asked for socks I had to look for a free pattern. Found this one:
from  as a free download. Does this look like Brooke? Now to gather some "WOOL" and figure out how to knit them without scratching myself to a bloody pulp.

Today I continued to work on the NYB foundation papers. Decided that  my hurried start before new years needed to be done better, thus making it so much easier to do. Done and ready to cut out the first of the block pieces from the strips already cut.

As I would only be sewing tonight, I have decided to not get out Miss Betsy nor Miss Fanny - simply not enough time to sew after setting up and taking down. So instead I will adjust my sweater pattern and start on the sleeves.

Till this weekend ...

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