Saturday, July 9, 2011

iPad app ...

Minimalistic travel with needlework can be frustrating at times. You come across a new stitch and can't continue until you know how the stitch stitches. Well, you can go on and leave that part blank but in my blindered way of doing things, I stop right there and wait until we have internet access so that I can look up the stitch.

I remembered reading about Apple app needlework stitch apps in a Needlepoint Now magazine a while back. So off I went to look for one. I found "iStitch, Vols 1 & 2". Is this the one I read about? I can't remember a name so I opt to try it. I bought Volume 1 and put it on my iPad and now I have basic stitches at my fingertips. Not everything is theret, but then there are stitches that I have never heard of too. I will give it 2 canvas tries to see if I want Volume 2 as well. I will also write a review once I have used it.


  1. Shirley, there are two other stitch apps you may be interested in. One is SuZy's, which is the electronic version of her Stitches to Go travel size book. The otheris Shapes of Needlepoint. I like the Shapes one because you can pick stitches by shape or thread count. So if you need a stitch that is 3 threads wide, you can look at just those. I travel frequently and love the portability of these apps.