Monday, July 11, 2011

Molas, a new quilting endeavor

Today I received my mail that has been waiting for me. And yes, there were my two mola books that I had ordered from Amazon:
1. "Mola Making" by Charlotte Patera (Jul 1994)
2. "Mola Techniques for Today's Quilter" by Charlotte Patera (Apr 1995)

So now I can start to learn how to make molas. Oh I will never have the quality that I found on some of the molas in Panama, but I sure will have fun learning. I am going to make small 6"x6" "learner" molas as I want some to put into the corners of my Panama PC quilt that I am going to make someday. (I have the t-shirts and the photo that I want in the middle already, as well as a choice of molas)

For now, I have to decide on the patterns for my "learners", buy the fabrics, and start. Updates to follow.

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