Sunday, July 24, 2011

Too busy to ...

These last couple of weeks have found me too busy to even keep my head on straight let alone making any noticeable headway on any project. I have managed a few stitches here and there on the 3xSantas and I made a list of the items needed to continue with my Christmas letters. My bag follows me everywhere in the car - sometimes a project comes out, but mostly not.

On our travels in St Charles, MO on Saturday I found a wonderful little quilting shop and a pattern to die for. Rats - they didn't have the fabrics in yet, only the pattern. Oh well, I my name on the list. I don't have time anyways to sew. In fact, I don't even have my sewing machine with me in the car to use in the hotels... and yes, I would if I could!

Oh yes, I got my invite for Peace Corps Response in Colombia last week. Now I am embroiled in the paper work that is needed to continue with this process. Tomorrow a phone call before I continue with any more as I need some more information. Danny, my husband, is scheduled out to Colombia on the 17th of August. I probably won't get there then - Maybe a week or two later, I expect.

And so life continues, new experiences every day and old ones rearing their beautiful memories. A visit tomorrow with my grandkids, son and DIL. A trip to Canada to visit my parents on Wednesday. What more can one want???

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