Saturday, February 11, 2012

Continue to be humbled ...

This last Thursday, once again I found myself humbled. Three more fabulous bags came in for the women. The tumbling out of all the threads was amazing, to say the least. Sorting and bagging will be the order of the day for this coming week.

I will also be busy finding them patterns to practice their newly found skills with these wonderful threads.

As I indicated in the last post, they will be thrilled, but first how to equally distribute these wonderful gifts. I have worked hard to get the women into a mode of willingly sharing their ideas and patterns. Not so their supplies. Not even an inch of thread will they distribute to another. They are simply to hard to come by and so very expensive here. in fact, most of the fancy fibers are simply not available. I am sure that I would find a supply if I went to Bogatá and spent a lot of time visiting various shops. That I don't have time for! So, what I have decided to do is to get gift bags, split all the fabrics equally, then, one-by-one drop supplies into the bags. I will also add in all my threads that I brought (I can replenish once back home) I will then hand them out in random order, supplies not being seen, to the women at my last day - a day when they are actually giving me a despedida (going away party) which means, a wonderful meal of arroz con pescado (rice with fish), ensalada papa (potato salad), cake and soda. This is the usual party fare here. What a surprise for them, to be handed a gift themselves. There will also be a drawing for items that I received from a friend in the USA as well as a numbered drawing where they will get to pick, in order of their number, something from the supplies that I have left from all the classes. What better way to get downsize, readying to pack and leave? I will get lots of photos.

Many heartfelt thanks go out to our most benevolent donor. She will live in the hearts of these women for years to come.

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