Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tiny Trinkets

Last May during the bi-monthly meeting of CyberPointers, an online Yahoo group for stitchers, we had a stitch-along project called Petit Trianon, a Tiny Trinkets project.

At the time of the stitch-along I had received neither the threads nor fabric with which to do this. So the instructions sat in my drawer of UFO's. Finally the threads came - way too late and at a time that I was extremely busy. So still it sat.

Skip ahead to Peace Corps' assignment in Colombia. My mother sends me a piece of wonderful fabric for this project. It finally arrives. Can a chest cold/bronchitis be fortuitous? In this instance it can ...
I can lay around, not worrying about meetings, plans, activities, and what have you as a volunteer. Instead I can work on some things around the house. And this is the first project that came to mind. The fibers were wonderful as I plied them with my fingers. I itched to start.

As I am still in the newbie phase of blogging as I go, on projects, I cleanly forgot to take a photo of the wonderful fibers to be used. Can I add a photo of them once I have finished? Why not? I added one fiber - a patina that shimmers and changes in the light.

A finished product a mere few hours later:
     truly a garden of color.

And guess what, I even have enough fibers to complete a second one. I must admit though, those "Brazilian threads" are a B***** to work with in order to keep them tight and even. Still, not too bad an attempt for the first time using them.

The question remains what to do with this now. Wouldn't it make a wonderful Birthday card for my mother? I could add some quilting and make a postcard or I could make an actual card. That remains to be see as it won't be fully completed until I get back home. But what fun!

The next "stitch-along" that I am planning on doing, is an EGA one, a Hallowe'en stand-up card. Brilliant fibers and quick stitching, I am sure. Now hopefully the fibers that I don't have in the RV will "come to mama" in time. In the meantime, now I will go to finishing my bag.

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