Saturday, February 11, 2012

Something personal ...

...most of my time is centered around doing samples and putting together classroom ideas, for both adults and children, I try to find some time every now and then to actually do something that I want, or need in the case of now.

I need to eliminate a very smelly backpack to go on the plane when I leave here. The pack will NOT go with me. No wonder locals think that Americans smell - their infamous packs are what smell, and some are even "higher" than  mine is currently. It has served me all, carrying supplies, water, chilly willies, sports towels and food but the time has definitely come to retire it. So, now I need a small bag to carry miscellaneous items onto the bus and then the plane in a couple of weeks. I decided to use up the fabric that I purchased and brought here for projects and make a hobo bag, but a small one that will get conversations going.

You start with strips that are then made into squares. These, in turn, are sewn into a patterned or random selection for working on the bias. Then make a sandwich and quilt as desired.

Next up is placing the desired pockets inside and any other straps for keys and such.  The sewing together on the sides comes next.

And this is as far as I have gotten. Now for hand sewing the top binding, making and sewing on straps, figure out away to close the inside pocket (really need a snap, but gee, where can I find one of those today?), and sew on the outside closure button. Then, voila, finished in time for our departure.

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