Monday, August 13, 2012

Back in the USA but ...

Back in the USA but ... what have I been doing? I sure haven't been blogging like I should.

Quilting in the RV requires an awful lot of prep work - get out from underneath, unpack, set up table, take up 2/3 of the front of the coach, find tools & fabric, plan, cut, sew, ripit, and when DH comes home, repeat process backwards as there needs to be space. Oh well, "c'est la vie!" as the saying goes. This is my sewing space when I do get it all out!
 fabric and projects found on passenger seat.
.... and this is my ironing board.

I am managing however, through all the trial and tribulations to get a project done that I will describe in the next posting. Think, hot summer days, picnics, lakes, icy cold food items, and infestations ...

Then there is my needlework ... it sits patiently by the la-z-boy waiting for me to sit and stitch in the evening or whenever DH is around. I am alternating between 3 projects at the moment, having finished up one small project. This small project however is waiting to be put into a quilt. So it still qualifies as an UFO...

The main piece of needlework I am working on is a Christmas gift for a dear friend (DF) who also reads this blog so I do not want to divulge any info. Suffice it to say I hope to have it finished by next week so that I can get it in to the finishers.

Then there is a piece of cross-stitch that is kind of cute. It will also be a Christmas gift once I complete a quilt to accompany it. Here again, I find that I don't have a photo of the project. Home I will go later today and take one. The stitching will make the pillow and the lap quilt will be of the same theme - patchwork Santa..... Later:

The last one is a tablecloth that I occasionally work on when I am bored with everything else. This is, as previously described, a whimsical Christmas motif that is very cute, but there is a lot of work. Who ever heard of Rudolf have purple hooves and Santa ice skating. But it will look absolutely wonderful on our little dining table. Might even have to make napkins and a breadbasket cloth to match, when I get it finished. It surely won't be this year!

By the time that I finish my DF's gift and get it sent off, I hope to have the instruction booklet for a project that I have wanted to do for about two years now called "Cleopatra's Cat". I have all the supplies, just waiting for the booklet which should be on it's way now, coming from Panama. It was sent there inadvertently and I have had a h*^@ of a time getting it back.
I am going to make a reversible one - one in blues and then one in Christmas colors. Naturally, the stitching will be done as mirror images for finishing.

As Always, my mind continues to roil as I think of all the things that I would like to accomplish. But the main thing that I have learned lately is that I don't take enough photos of my projects as I go along in order to do a proper blog. Something that I am going to have to change and improve upon.

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