Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Saga of Cleopatra's Cat

In 2010 while in Panama, I came across a wonderful needlework project called Cleopatra’s Cat.  Tracking it down, I was informed that it actually was an American Needlewrk Guild’s (ANG’s) class and I would be able to get it through my local chapter ad a group project. Wel, as I was currently in Panama without a local guild I wrote to my online chapter. Yes it would be offered but not this year. Keep watching for it and no, the pattern can not be bought outright nor shared .

So I enjoyed the online chapter, joined in a coupe of other project events and then, word started to pop up now and then about a possible upcoming class. I wrote, I begged, I waited … finally it came up for late 2011. I immediately put my name down for it. Again I waited, I wrote, I waited, I wrote … finally it became apparent that due to internal issues, yes it is offered; yes, you are signed up; you shold get notification in January 2012.

By this time I am in Colombia, again waiting. January came on, no notification but a new Yahoo group is originated. Joined in as soon as I got the notice. Finally a bill comes through which is promptly paid. At this time I moved back to the USA and changed all my addresses so as to continue to receive the magazine and any ordered items. I wait … then low and behold, the class is to start in June and the instruction booklets should be mailed out shortly. I won’t be in the US due to holidays at the start time but it will all be there when I get back in. I have ordered the supplies and have them so just need the instructions.

Off I go to Europe, enjoying my holidays and reading the postings of the various people in the group receiving their packets. Oh boy, I can hardly contain myself with impatience.

Upon our arrival back in the US the last week of June, I coerce and cajole my DH into going immediately to pick up the mail. Bear in mind, that was a 4-hour drive each way. Needless to say he was non too happy about it “why don’t you just have them mail all the mail out?” “But that will take 4-5 days! So he gives in and off we go. Happily we retrieve the 6 weeks of mail and I literally paw through it looking for my instruction packet. IT’S NOT THERE!

When we get back, I write to the coordinator asking to where she sent it, hopefully to Livingston. A couple of days later, an email comes in, No, it was sent to your Miami address. Shocked and whining I return with “but that was closed in February. I don’t get any mail nor have any way of getting mail for that box. And probably it as been reassigned by now to someone else.” Not getting any where either a new booklet nor the authorization for a copy to be made, I pout and my mind goes ballistic.

Finally I look online. A couple of days of trying to access my old account – nada. Next I try and send an email – no account, no email allowed. Then I try for the chat – not available. Now we are talking days have gone by. Aaah let’s try a phone call to Miami. No I have to call Panama and here is the number. So I call Panama’s office and “there is another person now using that box and we have no idea if they received your packet. We don’t look at the names, only the box number.”  “Ok, so if I send you a note for these people, will you send it on to them for me without charging a delivery fee?” Nope, I have to pay the delivery fee but they will do as I request. She readily gives me her name to send the note to. So I write it and mail it off. I ask if they have it, and if they still have it can they please send it back to me in the US by FEDEX. I will pay the fees for this as I can get them from the office person in Panama City. Off goes the letter. I wait and wait and wait – finally a “yes, we have it and will send it back.” The person in Panama City says, “if they will bring it in, I will find out all the fees and costs, email you the amount, you can pay by credit card and then I will send it out per your requested mode.” Ok, a done deal! Again I wait and I wait, and I wait. Ah finally an amount is emailed and I call to pay by credit card.

I can see the end is in sight. But wait, they still have to bring it in to the city. Ok I can go with that!

And today, August 22, I pick up my mail, and YES there it is!   the instruction packet – WOW it is huge.
 my colorway and supplies
 the choices for the Christmas Cat on the opposite side of Cleopatra.
YEAH now I can get started!

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