Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Getting down to the nitty gritty here...

And so it begins ... took my DH to the airport real early this morning and he is now off and running in his new position in Colombia. He officially starts on Monday and the rest of the week before, he will get to know the area and perhaps look at some apartments. Still again, maybe not ...

And, you might ask, what does this have to do with my creative side? Well, it leaves me here in the US with lots, and I mean lots of time on my hands. First thing right out of the box - what am I going to take with me to Colombia? Ahhhh, how about a sewing machine? Yes, went out and bought a basic machine that will do the job just fine. Now I have to take it out of the box and ensure that it actually works. (this is a hotel, no less) :)
Brother SQ9000 -

Next up? Quilting shops, of course. So a list is compiled of the Dallas/Ft Worth area and off I go. It is such a joy to be in these shops that I manage only 2 today, but there are more days to come.
#1 - JoAnn's for the basic supplies - pins, needles, interfacing, blenders, insul-brite, and so the list goes. As I wander the store, I keep remembering things that I need that are in the motorhome in storage. Down on the list they go! I have to take the car back before I leave, so I can pick these things up.

#2 - Quilter's Connection in Dallas. I was salivating in here. One of the owners was very helpful in trying to put together some fabrics for children's quilts. She appears to specialize in a very basic quilt using a feature focal panel in the middle and coordinating it with 4-5 inch squares. The packet is sold as a beginner's quilt and includes long-arm quilting of the quilt. Didn't get a price as I am not interested in them quilt the quilt for me but the idea for give-away children's quilts is a good one. So I picked up 3 different focal fabrics, some coordinates, flannel for backing, and of course, some 80/20 batting. Could have spent more time and more $$$$ but hey, one has to draw the line somewhere and leave more for other places.

Ordered the delivery of my mail - yes, along with it will come my first Rainbow Jane BOM installment. To be delivered early next week. I now have the CD and the template, but can't fin the book. I wonder where I left that? No matter, I have the wonderful help of the a couple of blogs that I have joined. Can't wait to get started. Keep checking back for updates.

Lastly, on one of the online groups that I belong to, a mention was made of an interesting blog: This was described as: "...each month at the block lotto there is a new set challenge block directions posted. We make them, take a photo and post on the site and earn a chance to win enough blocks to make a quilt. " Something to check out and think about.

That's it for the quilting ... more updates coming.

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