Sunday, August 21, 2011

Needlework update ...

The one type of project that has worked well with my being "homeless" is needlework. As you all know, I currently am working on Santa ornaments, Christmas Blocks, and a cross-stitch Enchanted Sleigh.

The Christmas blocks were somehow routed to the back of the pile as I had left some of the necessary threads packed in storage. But I have them now - found them yesterday, so I can once again go to work on them. I am working on the A; have the embellishments for the M coming in on Monday; and still have the S, Santa, and Happy left to do. They will be finished, hopefully well before Christmas so that I can get them in to the finishers.

And then there are the Santa Ornaments, which are coming along nicely, thank you. I continue to work on them a section at a time. However, I am finding that the ones that aren't painted could have probably used more threads for coverage. White does show through at time. They look good however, and I think that I will have them finished with a red fabric behind them to try and minimize the white. They definitely will be finished, hopefully before I leave for Colombia so that I can send them off to the finishers from the USA. When sending things such as this from foreign countries, it is sometimes hard to guarantee delivery.

As for the Enchanted Sleigh, nothing new since the last update. It too has been regulated to the bottom of the pile. But I will be flying on Monday week, all day, so more will definitely get done.

I have also mounted my Wild Woman now on stretcher bars. I also picked up some threads the last visit to The French Knot in Ft Worth. I have strong loyalty attachments to places that I gone the extra mile for me, and these ladies have done that.
She won't get started until I am in Colombia and finished the Santa ornaments.
And now you know about as much as I do ...

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