Sunday, August 7, 2011

They arrived ...

I am so excited - when our mail came in yesterday (we only get mail every so often) my Halloween squares were there. They are a monthly club from Pocketfull of Stitches, and represent the many, many hours of bus riding both in Panama and on our holidays to Colombia, Spain, Canada, and the US over 2 years. Finished with faith on both sides, [I sent them with faith, she finished them with faith, I paid with faith], they are absolutely perfect.

Now all that is left is to decide how to make them into a mobile. Marlene [the finisher] of Marlene's Custom Pillows of San Francisco, did exactly as I requested - all by email - right down to the wonkily placed miniature cup holders to attach each unit to the mobile. I wanted them to hang wonky, as befitting a Halloween motif. They are also flat on the bottom to enable me to line them up, say on a mantle piece, as well. Thank you Marlene.

Unfortunately they will remain in the box for this October as I won't have the space to take things like this with me. They will join my witch and table runner [UFO] decorating stash. I am currently collecting a Hallowe'en village monthly series from Chandail Needlework in Houston that I want to do when I am back in the US.
They are pretty big and need to be put on stretcher bars which disallows accompanying me on most of my travels. Also, the canvas only has the front of the house so I will need to design and add the side walls onto the canvas, as seen in the photo.

I had wanted to design a North Pole village but that will no longer be a viable project for this year, now that I have taken on another Peace Corps assignment: one that will no doubt keep me busy most of every day.

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