Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just had to do it ...

Since leaving Quilter's Connection in Dallas, I simply couldn't get one of the panels that she had hanging on the wall out of my mind. I kept going back and back and back to it. How could this be? I have enough and more to keep me busy for the next few months. Does one's mind play games with you? Mine sure is and I have learned to listen up.

So off I go, on my way out of town, on a re-routing that the GPS must think "you are crazy" for. I return to the shop, an hours drive out of the way, but hey, it doesn't add any more time onto the rest of the trip. During the visit, I learn that this frequently occurs to the stores customers as well a the owner. [ah ha, I am not going crazy!] I walk out with the fabric on my mind. IT took all of about 30 minutes from start to finish and, to boot, I added another prepackaged table runner. Help, I don't have a place to live, but my stash continues to grow!
Laurel Burch's Holiday fabric, but only select pieces:

As I rumble around the hotel room, trying to decide what will go and what won't go with me to Colombia, I keep wanting to go back to the sewing machine and get started on my carry-on bag.
So far, I have:
a. framed the wonderful Alma Lynn squares that I received:
The quilting one will be liberated a little while the needlework one will be regimented, at least that is how I see it.

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