Sunday, January 5, 2014


The count down begins: Only 2 more days until we leave to return to the USA. I am so excited as that means only 7 more days until Miss Betsy makes her appearance. Along with her appearance however, comes a required complete re-organization of my projects, UFOs and travel accoutrements. And not to forget the same for my needlework.

Just remembered, need to put a photo of the completed BOM #1 of the Merry Merry Snowmen.
When I went to start the 2nd block, I realized that the thread that I received with the project was far too light for the reindeer. I ordered more but it won't be available until we pick up our stored mail. So now it languishes. Oh well, 1 finish is better than none.

I have made great strides on my knitted silk scarf. A long way to go to finish but because of limitations of available fiber, the length will be dependent on the fiber available, not vice versa. All in all however, it will make a great scarf to complement my denim-colored leather jacket, which is a fair weather, spring and autumn jacket. A perfect time to wear a lightweight scarf.

So let the clock tick down ...

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