Saturday, January 11, 2014

I won, I won ...

Wow, I won a prize, something that has not happened in a ver very long time. I opened an email from my Stashbustr's online group and realized, albeit slowly, that I had won a bonus prize of FQ's. This will be an awesome Welcome Home gift. Of course it will add about 7+ yards to the stash that will have to be used up and that means a new project can be planned! Pictures to follow upon arrival!

Having arrived back in the USA this week, I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of Miss Betsy to the fold. Hopefully by tomorrow at the earliest. So now, the decision has to be made, which UFO do I attack? Which project do I start on? Will the start be quilting or will it be needlework. Oh, the possibilities are endless.

For now I need to start reorganizing and updating my webpages. They need it badly. Oh, I can see, I will be one busy person over the next little while. In the middle of everything I will be making a trip to Canada to visit my parents. That will require some handwork to tag along. This too means a decision of sorts.... too much, too much ... just do it.

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