Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Quilted UFO #1...

A couple of days ago I read emails and discovered that I was in position #3 of the Ladies in Waiting for the Queen position in the Stashbuster's UFO Challenge, and I haven't even made it to the quilt shop to get my application "fees" yet. So, heeding the thumping of the heart - do I want to don the regal wardrobe while riding the TransWorld Express (train)? I think not. So as soon as we got the RV out of storage and parked, out came Miss Betsy and a review of what I had to accomplish in the way of UFO's and "want to do's" and what would take the least amount of time. "Winter", a 2013 Christmas present left behind during our travels, received the winning vote. I started with this ...
 The fabric chosen and started, getting to this point  The colours seen in direct winter sunlight did not have the effect and value that I had hoped for when choosing them. If I remember correctly the lighting in the store was incandescent but I had thought daylight. So the first dilemma: Do I want to change the fabrics and start over by ripping put what has been done. NO! So I persevered. I didn't dislike the colours but rather they were a little off for the reason I was doing this - a 2013 Christmas present (not taken with me on our travels). Their Christmas dishes are blues and silver yet the fabrics, in direct sunlight, have a distinct purplish hue to the blues. So we will see how it goes over, and if necessary, I can remake it. 

A marathon day of sewing and binding sewn as I traveled to the doctor appointment, I completed tonight and this is what I have ...  20 x 60" table runner.

Completed. Done. Move me down out of the Ladies in Waiting list.

On to another subject: Knitting. During conversations with my granddaughter and me knitting a scarf for myself out of lacy silk fiber, she hinted, albeit indirectly, that she would love to have a cowl. All the kids in school were wearing them. So off I headed, ended with a white synthetic with a slight sparkle (probably way too much, maybe enough for two), needles and a downloaded pattern from the internet. 
 A good travel project for sure: 15" wide and 54" long, then connected end to end through provisional casting on. By the time I had gotten to our parking spot for this week, I had already knit quite a bit and also realized that this particular pattern, cute as it is, draws the width in to about 12", not quite as big as I wanted it. With re-evaluation I realized two things: need bigger needles and more stitches.  Still, it will be quite nice when finished, and, quite warm. Of course, now that I am making her one, the temperatures will remain high here in Texas, :) and I have another UFO on my hands.

So now, what UFO project will be next? I am thinking, the "Monkeys Jumping on the Bed as it will be a stitch in the ditch finish and then binding for completion. During this process I will also get started on DGD's new one for her newly redone bedroom. I am hoping to alternate new with a UFO for more progress. For travel I will take the appliqué Merry Merry Snowmen.

'til later ....

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